The Satanic Evil: Health Insurance


My intent is not to assume all health insurance companies are evil.  My story is about one, with a blue cross and a blue shield.

On Tuesday, a renown pulmonologist ordered a PET scan of one of my dear friends.  A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan is used to detect cancer, heart problems or brain disorders by inserting a dye with radioactive tracers into the body.  The scan usually takes several hours and costs approximately $3,500.

Since my friend is a five-year cancer survivor, who suffered from a cancer which metastasized to her lungs, the pulmonologist discovered the presence of two nodules.  Further, my friend had developed symptoms of asthma, which sometimes required use of an inhaler and prescription allergy medicine.

On Thursday, her nationally renown oncologist, did an evaluation and agreed the PET scan was needed to assure her wellness and to rule out the need for a more expensive biopsy procedure of the nodules.

Boy Blue refused to authorize the PET scan.  Once. Twice. Three times.  Even after being provided health history, blood tests, CT scans, X-rays.  Even after speaking with duly board certified physicians: the pulmonologist and the oncologist.  It boggles my mind Baby Blue was so arrogant to think he knew more than the experts.  Secondly, how can he make money if he has to pay out?  In addition, my friend is self-employed and pays an insurance premium of over $600 per month.  Baby Blue knew her patient history before he offered her the hefty monthly cost.

Finally late Friday afternoon, Boy Blue changed his mind and authorized the scan.  While I’m not privy to the details as to what motivated the change,  I suspect my friend’s two junkyard dog, physicians left some peon employee at the Blue empire licking his wounds.

Thankfully, most physicians, nurses, therapists, and ancillary folk have integrity and truly advocate for their patients.  Boy Blue: Show me the money!

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