This is not a political question, but a practical one:  Do walls work?  As a quasi historian based on my research, they seemingly don’t.  The Jerusalem Wall, the Walls of Jericho, the Great Wall of China, and the Berlin Wall didn’t.  Walls around our schools fail to keep out intruders; walls around my property fail to prevent bobcats and coyotes from searching for prey.  Even natural barriers, like the Pyrenees and Alps, didn’t stop Hannibal and his elephants from seizing parts of the Roman Empire.  And what about oceans and Canada?  The 911 terrorists entered from there.

Thus, it seems to me more creative solutions are needed.  Mexico has vast natural resources, sea ports, and luxurious vacation resorts.  Yet, crime, corruption, and poverty are rampant.  If I was “Queen of the World,” I’d assemble the most forward-thinking experts to confront this issue.  One solution might be to admit Mexico as the 51st state.  Ponder that for a moment:

We send in the National Guard to disband the drug cartels, we oversee elections, we enforce universal, free public education, and we institute fair wage laws.  Then, we have gained so much more.  Natural resources, sea ports, and beach-front destinations.  No one will want to leave their state, and more of we land-locked folk will gladly enjoy the benefits.

I’ve lived in a border state for 35 years, without fear of Mexicans.  I found them to be extremely hard workers with extraordinary family values.  They are a far cry from El Chapo or the Medellin.  They want their kids to have an education, and they want to live without paying protection money to a drug cartel.  Further, they want sustainable wages. (Not $5-10 a day.)

I’m sure many of you find me crazy.  So be it.  If you could forward me verified proof and documentation on the success of walls, I will cogently review it with my think tank.  But I ask is it worth spending as much as $15 billion or more, instead of finding more logical solutions?

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