Arthritic Artist

img_0732Some of you may recall when a wrote about my next door neighbor, Miss Sass, AKA snake lady, several years ago.  Not only is she adept from rescuing snakes from my backyard, but is also a well-known artist.  For over 30 years, she dabbled in a variety of mediums from painting, to clay, to glass.  Then Arty Ritis came calling.  Extensive surgery, with long recovery and rehabilitation were her only options.  Sass declined.

She gave up clay and glass and returned to painting but couldn’t make the paintbrush create to her satisfaction.  Her creative frustration was overwhelming, until…. She discovered acrylic pouring.

Now, I’m not sure what it is, nor do I care, but I love the art she has done for my daughter and me.  The paint brush has been replaced by balloons, straws, strings, toothpick picks, q-tips, tee shirts, and paper towels.  Occasionally she adds her dog’s foot print or a photo of her dog.


Though somewhat abstract, I find her work mesmerizing…not to mention affordable. (Sorry, I’m not a fan of poster art).  While she uses a variety of surfaces, i.e. glass, stone, wood, tin, and canvas, I prefer canvas.

If you enjoy her renderings, message me and I’ll forward her contact information,

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