The College Mystique



Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed the extreme measures parents take to get their kid into a prestigious university.  While for years, top athletes entered major institutions, the admission process is now besieged in controversy.  The integrity of many colleges has been called to question.  Now, the world knows it’s nothing more than phony test scores, coaches’ greed, and downright corruption.  Why has this happened?

The college mystique.  Many gauge success by a university diploma.  They’ve dismantled career/technical education programs in our high schools.  They’ve ridiculed student interest in alternative pathways. They’ve preached the elitism of a college degree.  Let’s recall poor Olivia, who didn’t want to go to USC as a member of the rowing team; she preferred yachts!  A very popular blogger and developer of a cosmetic line, she, at 18,  was earning more than a veteran teacher.  Clearly, when the Office of US Patents declined her application on the basis of punctuation errors, it was obvious Olivia is not educated in basic skills.  She’s nothing more than a victim of privilege.


My most rewarding experiences were the years I spent in vocational education, where I witnessed first hand student success. Brand me a heretic, but not all kids need a college education.  We need hair dressers, carpenters, electricians, machinists, and mechanics.  We need creative thinkers, who can design new innovations.  Look at Bill Gates.  He’s not a college graduate!  Is he successful?  Absolutely!


By the way, my nightmare of home ownership continues.  This week I had to hire a plumber–an affable young man.  His hourly charge?  A freaking $77.00 an hour!  On a standard, work week that equates to over $150,000!  Let me assure you, Dr. Suze never earned more than $50k.

A college degree is a mystique, fueled by both lower and higher education.  It comes without the guaranteed pot of gold, and for many staggering student loans.  We must temper this educational madness and support career/technical programs before we decimate our skilled craftsmen.


PS. Olivia, I can tutor you in English grammar.  If you’re interested, message me.


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