Be A Name Dropper

As most of our mothers have said: If you can’t say something nice about somebody, say NOTHING at all.  Unfortunately, this new America is all about nasty, hurtful words and actions, such as labeling someone ugly and/or openly mocking a disabled person.  In our school district, this behavior is bullying, but in new America it’s both acceptable and appropriate behavior.


We lament the increasing rate of preteen and teenage suicide.  We wonder why our children would take such a final, extreme action.  In many cases, suicide is the only way to escape pimple-face, pusshead, mother f@#ker, queer, or a$$wipe.  It is the only way to avoid

childish name calling

not being chosen for a team, invited to a birthday party, nor asked to the prom.  All because of:


names like retard, racial and ethnic slurs, and/or “being from the wrong side of the tracks.”  Yo mama’s a drunken whore. Yo daddy’s so poor you eat roadkill sandwiches. Of course, among young girls, there’s the self-appointed fashion police that mock one’s attire during class change and social activities.  Too often, some girls are ostracized solely because of their clothing or hairstyle.

In my opinion, new America legitimizes hate.  It embraces Kike, wetback, Chink, and the infamous N word.  It encourages and applauds our division, rather than condemning it.  Just imagine what new America would be tweeting about the brilliant Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller, or Abraham Lincoln,  We’d delight in ridiculing Tom Thumb, George Washington Carver, or Sacajawea.  Susan B. Anthony would be burned at the stake; Henry David Thoreau would still be in jail; and the Neapolitan Mastiff would be extinct.

Neapolitan Mastiff (31)

Our children are watching and listening.  In fact, my kindergarten teacher friend told this story of a little boy who wore a pink dress shirt to class.  Her students laughed at him and called him gay. She immediately stopped the lesson and began a discussion on name dropping.

How long can our society survive this rampant divide? How long before we brown-eyed folk are sent to gas chambers or to segregated schools?  How many states will secede the Union?  America, the great melting pot–the nation of immigrants, will be nothing more than Stepford USA.  The choice rests with us.  Are we stronger together rather than fragmented and bigoted? You decide.

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