Kelly Clarkson and Me


(Warning:  This blog is written in jest; we need a little humor these days.)

The internet was atwitter last week with news of Kelly Clarkson’s split from her husband, Brandon Blackstock.  It was reported the couple had been having problems and being quarantined together exacerbated their issues.  True, none of us have ever experienced a moment like this, and one can easily understand when faced with a 24-7, 7-day a week lockdown cabin fever rages!

Years ago, when I lived in the Ohio Lake Erie Snow Belt, nothing made me want to go like NOT being able to go.  And fortunately, during those winters I never spent more than a week in lock up.  But imagine being cooped up with a spouse or significant other for months at a time.  Even the strongest relationships are challenged.

Case in point:  My next-door neighbor, Sassy, has been married for fifty years.  She said to me last night, “You are so lucky you live alone.”  Hmm.  Alone, not quite.  I’ve a cabana boy in the guest apartment and six dogs!  Hardly, a dull moment.

Sass raged, “Do you understand what it’s like to be followed around, being constantly asked what’s to eat or what are you doing?  Then, there’s the proverbial lost car keys, the computer issues, and his incessant humming.  He’s driving me crackers; I wish he’d bugger off and go to the gym.”

I’ve been spouseless for ten years, and at my age, I certainly don’t want to clutter up my life with an old man.  God forbid, if he’d catch a cold!  Talk about needy and whiney.  “Come here, Sue, I don’t have enough strength to pull the Kleenex out of the box.”  Spare me, no woman ever had as bad a cold as a man.  And in this pandemic, I feel very fortunate to be accountable to six dogs, who love me unconditionally, who never ask for my credit card, nor a ride to the mall, and who don’t amass truck loads of laundry.

So Kelly, while I was familiar with your name, heard some of your songs, I certainly was not a fan, nor had I watched American Idol.  However, when I read of your quarantine issues this week, I could relate.  I offer you my elderly advice: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!  I am an authority on that point.

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