You Are Angry; I Am Angry


We’re all angry. COVID-19 has disrupted our world. In some states, like Arizona, movie theaters, gyms, bars, water parks are shuttered.  We have to wear a mask and socially distance, and we can’t have large public gatherings.  Damn! How frustrating in America on the cusp of the July 4th, Independence Day with most firework celebrations cancelled.

We look to place the blame.  Pray tell, where?  The President? China? The Governor? Big Business? Aliens? The health care community? An exercise in futility given our current crisis.  Case in point: a number of parents in our 30,000 student school district are miffed the school board voted to deliver instruction electronically for one month. OMG!  NO! The school board must send children back to school NOW.  

I get it. Working parents are inconvenienced because their children are not physically in a “brick and mortar” building; they have to work.”Your job is to teach.” I get it, but my conscience weighs heavy.

You want me to risk the health and safety of our teachers and ancillary staff so you can work?  You want me to risk the health and safety of your children and family?  Why don’t you ask your employer what he/she is doing to help our soaring virus numbers?  Why aren’t employers encouraged to help families with child care issues?  Why is it the school’s problem?  All of us must rise to the proverbial occasion, if we are going to squash COVID-19.

Tomorrow is the 4th–a wonderful celebration.  Some of us will act responsibly; some of us won’t.  Dr. Suze will be delivering dinner to a young father and four school-age children, all with non-severe cases of COVID.  Why?  Because his wife and kids’ mother is in ICU on a ventilator.

‘Nuff said.


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