Who Knew? 72!

Yes, today marks my 72nd year.  Who knew the last six months would be so life changing for all of us?  True, a few months ago, I danced with death and somehow survived, probably for a myriad of reasons.  Prayers, not mine, but others?  My friends? My wonderful family?  I don’t know.

I don’t profess to know much, but since COVID I’ve realized we are all in the same boat, not a luxury cruise ship, but Huck Finn’s homemade raft floating down some murky river.  I adore my dogs with their unique personalities, and truly, I’ve never minded being alone.  Quarantining, social distancing, restaurant and gym closings, and restricting travels could make me crazier than I already am; yet, I write this blog to thank  those who have slapped me along side of my head and shouted: “Wake up, Sue. We care about you. We love you.”


Of course, my realization did not occur over night.  It happened in small snippets; taps on my back, if you will.  I found myself communicating with folk I hadn’t interacted with for 10-20 years.  For me, I often randomly think about something my college roommate and I did, I think about my cooperating teacher who urged me to teach, I think about my next-door neighbors who are ALWAYS here for me.  I think about my childhood friends; my personal psychologist, Janey; my sorority sisters; my work friends; my school district friends; my new friends.

After my dance with death, which my recovery I attribute to both the Almighty and Satan–who both decided I wasn’t worthy, I had an epiphany.  I needed to connect/reconnect with all of them.  Hell, we’re all floundering in these uncertain seas.  We all must entertain each other the best way we can.  Curiously, even my ex and I have reestablished a bit of civility.

Tough times.  Perhaps, our new normal.  Perhaps, all of us were so caught up in our own lives we forgot about all of those folks who have enriched our lives.  Folk who matter. Now is the time.  

True, 72. Thank you all for making my life so fabulous!

Group Of Friends Walking Together

Group Of Friends Walking Together





One thought on “Who Knew? 72!

  1. Another major reason we all of us have past through these times are due to countless numbers of teachers, professors and colleagues in schools, hospitals and colleges, not only to teach but to do the grinding research that enables the front line crew to work what some think of as miracles. They were all figuratively at your bedside. Great you are still here, I am inching last 87 with even more help. Keep busy.


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