Who’ll Stop the Rain?


In 1970, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) posed that question.  Tonight, I ask who’ll turn on the rain to a very parched desert?  Certainly, I’ve tried as best I can to water my mature, citrus trees, and much of my landscape is xeroscaped.  Even my hardy saguaro, my yuccas, and my mesquites are stressed.  Most of my smaller plants have died and will need replaced in late fall when the 110+ temperatures end.

In direct contrast, my youngest, both a cancer and COVID survivor, may be headed to Louisiana next week as a camera woman for a NC news station to capture the devastation of Hurricane Laura.  Of course, I’m concerned about both her health and safety, but this is not her first rodeo.  She and her reporter spent 8 days filming Florence, where their beds were the floor of a fire department.  She is driven by the desire to film the abject ruin of peoples’ lives and property.  She is driven to expose the charlatan reconstructionists who prey on those whose houses are in shambles.  And she is driven by the proverbial “Kodak moments,” of the empty rhetoric of politicians who promise help, board their cars or planes, and immediately forget:  these people have lost everything!


Again, tonight, the cloudy skies and the strong winds left me with a dirty pool and 100 drops of rain with a forecast of 113 degrees tomorrow.  If you can turn on the Arizona rain, please do so.  Thank you.

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