Girls v. Boys?

Before you get your knickers in a knot, my blog is about dogs. As many of you know, I have six dogs. Four are mine; two I inherited. I strive to treat them equally; they all sleep on my king-size bed at night. Yes, one of them may bolt midway through our rest to keep watch, but for the most part, none of them leave for the entire night.

I’ve always had puppies; I’m not a fan of introducing adult dogs into my pack. I don’t want an adult challenging my Alpha leadership in our pack. Though I preferred girls, I found a boy puppy online. He was billed as a mini labradoodle. I drove fifty miles to look, and while his dad was a poodle, his mom was a mutt. Given the conditions of the seller’s house, I needed to rescue him. My kid and I spent hours and dollars to rid him of ticks!

My cabana boy’s dog after a year in my guest house also decided to move in with me. Another boy. Four girls, who taught neither the boys to lift their leg nor mark their territory. Thank God!

Curiously, over time, I noticed a dramatic differences between the sexes. My girls are delighted I feed and cater to them, but my boys must sleep right next to me. They’ve chosen to defend me against all the evils in the world. They proudly bring me bugs and varmints they’ve executed in my behalf. Boy dogs are loyal, unlike their diva opposites. Makes me wonder if the dame is true of humans. As a mother of daughters, I’m clueless.

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