Entertaining? Those Were the Days

Last night was the Super Bowl, and for twenty plus years, a Super Bowl party was held at our casa. Though I’ve never had much interest in the event itself, the sheer camaraderie and copious food and drinks made it fun. I loved the gambling game of selling squares and awarding money at the end of each quarter, but Super Bowl parties ended in divorce.

When my daughters lived at home, there were constant parties–almost every weekend. Their friends would gather for pickle ball, basketball, and board games. My pantry was raided by voracious teenage boys that consumed unimaginable quantities of food and soda. (Yes, I had strict rules–no booze, no smoking, no sex. Since I knew all of their parents, the kids knew I would hesitate to call their mom or dad if they were acting out.). But those parties ended when by daughters moved east of the Mississippi.

Three or four years ago, my neighbor and I began playing trivia one night a week at the local bar and grill. Our team constantly changed as friends came and went, but it was great fun to meet new people from the neighborhood and enjoy great bar food. Sometimes we even won (bar food money), yet, it was never about winning. We felt validated for having a bunch of useless knowledge tucked in the corners of our minds. But COVID put an end to Trivia Tuesdays.

One night in June, my neighbor and I were so bored we took a box of questions from Trivial Pursuit and took turns posing questions. Wait? Why couldn’t we do that once a week with a small group of friends? And so, it began: Trivia Thursdays. Curiously, the game has morphed in sophistication. The simple verbal questions have become elaborate power point presentations displayed on the TV. The host/questioner is rotated every week, and everyone brings a dish to share.

So instead of wasting my time reliving Super Bowl parties of yore, tonight I will design my 25-question, power point, which incorporates the upcoming celebration of Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. Of course, I’ve ordered a traditional King Cake from NOLA for dessert. If you’re interested in entertaining with trivia, pm me and I’ll forward my power point. Try it. An educational diversion from the virus.

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