Lobster Sisterhood

In keeping with International Women’s month, this incident occurred last week. One of my kids and her fiancé, B, were visiting me. B, in keeping with the Lenten season, eats seafood on Fridays. They had requested I fry Dover sole for dinner, but alas, no such fish was to be found in either of the groceries I routinely visit. I was dismayed; I pondered shrimp. Then I saw 3oz. lobster tails were on sale. However, 3oz. were dismally small. I looked farther to the left and saw the large ones were also on sale! A pricey $15.99 each, but better than the usual $20+, and of course, far cheaper than eating in a restaurant.

Lobster it is! The kids will be jazzed. The line at the meat counter was long; I waited. Then, this old man shuffled to the counter spying the seafood. Finally, the young female clerk walked my way, “Who’s next?” she asked.

I raised my hand, “I am.” Then….

“NO! I’m next!” proclaimed Sir Grumpy Curmudgeon. The clerk waited on him. He made her cut his salmon filets three times; they had to be the precise weight he requested–not an ounce over or under. The clerk fulfilled his order, and off he went.

“What can I get you, ma’am?”

“I’ll have three lobster tails, please. By the way, I was next.”

“I knew you were, but I’m not allowed to argue with the customers.” She placed the three tails on the scale. I looked up–$6.99 a lb. The price of the small ones.

“My dear, you entered the wrong price; the large ones are $15.99.”

She emphatically replied, “Don’t worry about it. That old man cuts in line in front of women all the time. He’s so cranky and demanding. Consider this my thanks for being patient and not making a scene about his rudeness.”

We had a delightful Friday night dinner. A special thank you to my newfound sister at the meat counter.

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