Facebook Challenges

While Facebook continues to be scrutinized and subject to criticism, I personally find it useful and amusing. I’ve reconnected with so many folks I lost track of fifty or sixty years ago. Our paths would have never crossed; I’d not seen pictures of their families, pets, or travels. I’d not known their thoughts on controversial issues. In fact, unfortunately, I also see posts of illness, tragedy, and even death.

My high school class and the three universities I attended all have Facebook pages, which keep me informed with interesting articles. My school district’s Facebook page celebrates the many accomplishments of our students. Some of their UTube videos are both entertaining and informative. In sum, I believe Facebook pioneered the power of social media in shrinking the size of the world.

Unlike the outrageous and totally out-of- control challenges on Tik Tok, I find some of the tame Facebook ones, like: I Bet You Can’t annoying. One would have to be a moron to fail. For instance, I Bet You Can’t: Name a US state with no A. (You can if you’re from Ohio or Wyoming.) No girl’s name starts with T and ends in A, prove me wrong. (Duh, the list is endless: Tina Teresa, Tabitha, Tatia, yada yada yada.) Name a fish without an A. (Stupid–trout, grouper, eel. Blah, blah, blah.)

What I can’t understand is why people wast time on such foolishness. Now, of course, I can’t be bothered to solve the math problems, but there are more intelligent questions to raise. Name the states who’s capital starts with the same letter as its state. Hint: There are 4. Think about that instead of a boy’s name without an O in it. Hint: It’s not Robert!

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