First my apologies to you born in January. I’m sure you find it your favorite, but to me, it’s blah. In fact, it seems like a 31-day hangover after exciting and busy December. Gone are the Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Gone are the marvelous dinners, parties, out-of-town family celebrations. Long gone are the cookies, pastries, and candy canes, as well as the confetti, noise makers, and bubbly. All that remains is blah.

Ever since I was a child, I didn’t like January. Winter would be hanging around Ohio for at least three months. Spring break and summer vacation were light years away. Even the thought of Valentine’s Day didn’t trip my childhood trigger. (And it certainly doesn’t trip my trigger today. HA!)

I know I should embrace January at my age; I should be grateful to be alive and still with it. So, I guess I need to plan an event every January to rid me from the boring, tedious month of the year. If you have any suggestions for my new event, I anxiously await them.

Or just maybe, I should get a new puppy to relieve my boredom. Please don’t share this with my family, as they already think I’m losing it. But a rambunctious little pup may be just what I need to round off my January blah corners. Stay tuned.

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