“OOPS! I Did It Again”

At my age, I have to make decisions based on my longevity. After working the math, I decided I could get one more puppy and probably outlive it. Thus, Harper Q Lee, a mini goldendoodle came to live with the five others in my pack two weeks ago. (Q stands for QUITS!)

While some relish puppy breath, I love the shenanigans. There’s never a dull moment between puppy naps, as she harasses one of the others. Even though she was accepted by the pack within an hour, she tends to overdo her acceptance. Of course, there are downsides, like needle-sharp teeth that rip right through my weathered flesh, and a tiny bladder which hasn’t mastered house training. Yet she knows her name, and 90% of the time comes when she’s called. Baby steps.

However, the greatest gift I’ve received from Harper, as well as my other canines, has been unconditional love. Obviously, something that’s solely lacking in this “Mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.”

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