I Am a Bag Lady

The term bag lady is defined as a homeless woman who carries around all of her worldly possessions in shopping bags. Others define it as a woman with emotional baggage. In my case unfortunately, it’s literal.

Two years ago, I literally got ripped a new one–a side model–thanks to a perforated colon. For the three weeks following the proverbial everything that could did go wrong. So much so, that I’m reluctant to have reversal surgery. Given COVID, shortages of hospital staffs, length of stays, and length of retraining to jump start the old one, why bother? Hector, as I dubbed my sidekick, and I learned to adapt. True, I had to give up wearing a bikini, staying anywhere but my own hotel room, and eating Chinese food. But the upside is I’ve lived to tell about it.

AND…I’ve developed a personal understanding of “bag lady.” I’ve a new empathy for the homeless woman pushing a grocery cart crammed with aluminum cans, plastic bags, and a blanket. I’ve a new empathy for the hunch-backed woman that carries the emotional angst of depression, job loss, divorce, or death. And when I see these women, I try to help ease their pain. I should, right? Because, I, too, have baggage..

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