The Horror of Cables

In 1971, the Five Man Electric Band wailed, Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs. Precisely how I feel about charging cables for technology products.

I have a minimum of three drawers and several stashed boxes filled with charging cables. Of course, I’ve no idea which device uses which or if none of them do. Of course, not all of them are mine–some belong to my kids or are gifts from long gone visitors that left them to live with me. Sometimes, I feel like they multiply at night and delight in entangling themselves.

Additionally, if a dog chews a cable or I lose one for a current device, I’m forced to order another. The dilemma, at my age, is I don’t know which cable to order. Do I have a Kindle Fire 7? An 8? or a 20? Do I have an IPHONE 6,7,12? My IPAD charger and my Fit Bit charger is in my lost luggage, which probably went to live with Jesus and Jimmy Buffet’s lost salt. Thus, yesterday I rush ordered a new one. Sadly, it was NOT the correct one.

Yes, I understand free enterprise, and yes every manufacturer should be able to make their own charging cords. But why do they change the cord every time they make a new model Kindle, IPAD, IWATCH, or IPHONE? Why can’t electronic devices be universal to each manufacturer by product?

Like all of us, we have standard large and small devices in our homes from a myriad of companies from kitchen blenders and waffles irons to televisions and refrigerators. All of them come plug-in ready to use. Plug them in, and voila!

So, today I wonder why things aren’t standardized? Why do I have to know which generation I have of this Apple device or Kindle Fire? But more importantly, why can’t we all be friends? I shall ponder this at 4 am.

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