Yes America, We Do Know How to Count

This week I’ve been asked if Arizona knows how to count by family and friends across the country. Yes, we do. But it’s complicated. Perhaps, you recall in the 2020 Presidential Election No. 45 chanted, “the election was stolen.” Of course, it was only stolen in states that failed to re-elect him. Millions of folks jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and agreed, without proof, the election was stolen.

In Arizona, millions of dollars were spent on recounting votes. In fact, the votes were recounted six to eight times, and no evidence was found, except for a handful of people who voted for their deceased relative. Even the State Attorney General, a Republican, proclaimed it: horse shit!

Enter the state legislature in January 2021, who arduously revised campaign election laws. Thick, impermeable layers of bureaucracy were enacted. So, what really happened last Tuesday? The storm. The first glitch that voting machines in several areas didn’t work for as long as eight hours. Now, most of us have encountered similar experiences: the well-rehearsed power point presentation fails to start in a room full of people; the refrigerator goes out on Thanksgiving eve; or the car won’t turn over when you’re due at work. Yes, these things are frustrating, but it’s called life.

Secondly, these voting machines could be replaced with state-of-the-art equipment. Ah, but that takes money. Something the legislature has routinely been unwilling to spend. They don’t like schools, nor state universities. They don’t want to talk about water issues, nor crime. They complain about the border, but make no effort to resolve issues. (Their solution of the Wall is ludicrous. Really, talk about an antiquated idea. Ask the Chinese or the Germans.)

The biggest problem, though, was skeptical behavior and bureaucracy. Election deniers of 2020 preached, “Don’t turn in your mail-in ballot until election day.” Almost a million didn’t. Now the elections department was strapped with verifying each and every signature before the ballots could be counted. The process of signature verification is also complicated, tedious, and laborious, for it requires an election employee, a Republican and a Democrat monitor to verify each one. Of course, there are those who are grumbling the delays are due to corruption. No. Just following the law.

This national firestorm could have been avoided had people just sent in or dropped off their ballot over the month-long voting period. It seems the majority no longer trusts any one or institution. While there are times I proceed cautiously, I tend to trust. I didn’t hesitate to drop my ballot at the post office the day after I received it, and thus it was counted upon receipt–not a month later. I sincerely believe most people are good and try to do the right thing, and I do believe it’s most harmful to disparage American services. I love having my trash picked up, my mail delivered, my fire and police services, and my public schools and universities.

I can’t wonder if the erosion of trust continues, will the US Mint redesign our currency? Perhaps, God is out too.

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