Things I Do NOT Want for Christmas

As a child, I was never jazzed by opening a present containing necessaries. Really? Some gift giver expected me to be exuberant over underwear, socks, or pajamas? As a soon-to be-bride, I had to psyche myself up before I went to the shower, where folk expected me to be excited about towels, sheets, pot holders, and spatulas.

Currently every member of my family is badgering me about what I want for Christmas, so I decided to make a list of what I don’t want. First, I do not want gift certificates to Hobby Lobby nor Chick-fil. Both of those establishments’ policies run contrary to my philosophy of employee-treatment. My only recourse is to not shop there.

Secondly, I do not want any more sit-arounds, and I’m not talking about furniture. Knick knacks, signs, pottery, random crap that just collects dust and has no useful purpose. I’ve already got a house full of unwanted, worthless stuff. And to go on on worthless stuff that would further include things like pizza warmers, anything pumpkin-scented or flavored, and hats. Yes, I detest hats, which mess up my do. Stocking hats, cowboy hats, and baseball caps. (Speaking for baseball caps, who ever dictated the obnoxious fashion of wearing them backwards? Ridiculous.)

But the worst thing I could be gifted is a damn puffer jacket! Yes, I’m well aware it’s winter, and yes, I’ve a closet full of flannel, sweaters, and stylish wool coats. I do not want a puffer jacket, nor puffer coat. In fact, I’d rather fall in a snow drift in Colorado and freeze to death than to be wearing a puffer jacket. I work hard at not being the Pillsbury Dough Boy, nor the Michelin Guy, so why would I walk into a trendy restaurant looking like the Goodyear Blimp?

But since my family will be very disappointed by my blog, I shall confess what I DO want for Christmas. No, I’ll spare you the trite world peace comment. I want my family to look around their own communities. Are there children or schools in need? Children who will never know the joy of a new bicycle nor a new pair of Nikes? Children who never had a new book, an art set, nor a backpack. Are there area food banks begging for donations? Are there folks living on the streets? Are the animal shelters in need of supplies, adoptions, or foster care?

When you’ve looked around your world, just write me a note, send me an email or text, and share what you did. In short, nothing pleases me more than the gift of giving.

3 thoughts on “Things I Do NOT Want for Christmas

  1. I love how your down right honest and selfless. Your stories are so inspirational and I too will be donating to animal shelters and people in need.


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