The following is a true story; no names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Yesterday, I took my year-old mini Goldendoodle, Harper, to the groomer. She was such a mess of tangles and dreadlocks the groomer said, “Sue, I’m going to have to buzz cut her.” Of course, I agreed as I’d been unable to brush the matted hair for several weeks.

Two hours later, a new employee called me to pick up Harper. The young clerk was in a panic when I entered the dog salon. Groomed pups of all shapes and sizes were anxiously awaiting their owners and barking so loudly it was hard to hear. “Stop barking!” he yelled, but no dog obeyed. “Which one of these is yours?”

“The blond one.” I paid the bill and attempted to lift Harper up. Damn, she was heavy; she must have eaten a lot of treats today.

“Do you need me to carry her to the car?”

“Sure. Thank you.” He put her in the back seat and the dog laid down. Hmm. I found it rather curious, Harper’s a hyped gal; maybe she’s tired after her spa adventure. Once inside my garage, I opened the back door and looked. The dog’s eyes looked different–yellow and teary. “Oh, shit! I must be losing it. WTH? I don’t even know my own dog? My kids are going to lock me up for sure! For god’s sake, don’t tell them.”

Surprisingly, when we entered the house, the rest of my pack was delighted to see their sister. Until….

Their alleged sister lifted his leg and marked my refrigerator, the wastebasket, sofa, and fireplace! OMG! I was living Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper; I was starring in The Parent Trap or The Princess Switch.

I immediately returned to the grooming salon where I was met by Sprocket’s owner and the clerk. “I can’t believe this happened; I’m so sorry about this mix up,” the clerk whined. “It’s never happened before.”

Both Sprocket’s owner and I made light of the situation, as I scooped up Harper and put her in the car. On our short ride home, I laughed and laughed. I wasn’t upset about the switch, I wasn’t dismayed by Sprocket’s markings of my belongings. I rejoiced! I haven’t lost my mind…yet!

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