Is the Tassel Worth the Hassle?

May signals graduation month for most colleges and high schools across the country. And according to a myriad of economic research, those who are educated earn more money and live a more quality lifestyle than those who aren’t. Duh? No brainer, right? But the first and most important step any student must achieve is “the ticket to the dance.” Without a high diploma, many doors are closed, albeit they have no ticket to the dance.

High skilled jobs demand education. America is screaming for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. America is begging for teachers and health care professionals. America is searching for scientists with creativity to solve world hunger and climate issues. America needs cogent people to create better ways of doing things. America will limp along if problem solvers can’t confound homelessness, border issues, trade, abject violence, mental illness, and nuclear arms threats.

My message to all of the classes of 2023 is simply:

Undeniably, the tassel is worth the hassle. Never stop learning. Be the solution, not the problem. We old folk are counting on you. Yes, you to do great things. Congratulations.

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