Overt Animal Cruelty


A year or so ago, a Mexican-based corporation opened the Scottsdale tourist attraction, Dolphinarias, where visitors for a hefty admission price can swim with the dolphins.  Now this was sick and wrong on so many levels that it boggled my mind.  Contained in a very small pool, these lovely, interactive creatures (rented from a Hawaiian company,) were subjected to the desert climate and excessive human contact. As was predicted, the first dolphin, Brodie, died in September, 2017–followed by Alia in May, 2018; Khloe in December; and this week, Kai.  Four dolphins taken from their ocean habitat and subjected to a short life of containment purely for human amusement…and money.


Sadly, this reminds me of twisted entertainment and lack of decency some have of animals, including humans.  Certainly the Romans would delight in the battles at the Coliseum, just as bull fighting, dog fighting, and cock fighting flourish today among some segments of our society.  Further, this enjoyment is easily transferrable to such heinous acts of child molestation, rape, and murder.  In fact, many of those convicted of such crimes have shared the personal pleasure they received from their deed.

Children must be taught of respect others; they need to be reprimanded for pulling the wings off a Monarch butterfly or smashing a nest of robin eggs on the sidewalk.  Teenagers who delight in setting a kitten on fire or tossing a puppy on the highway need to be punished.  If not, their behaviors will morph into bullies and even criminals.

Given the current political situation, some folk have openly applauded and have delighted in bullish, aberrant behavior.  At what cost to our society?  Brodie, Alia, Khloe, and Kai?  Have we sacrificed our moral compass for money?  IDK





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