Robin Hood and his Merry Men



Most of us are familiar with the tale of Robin Hood.  A rebel, who robbed from the rich to give to the poor.  Hood spent years outwitting the Sheriff of Nottingham and his gang in an effort to improve the quality of lives of those less fortunate.

Thus, I’m rather surprised that a vast number of folk fell for the rhetoric of wealthy politicos about the sweeping federal income tax reform passed last year.  Did they buy into the Webster’s Dictionary definition of reform?  (To remove defects or to abolish abuse or malpractice). Were they so enthralled by spin speech writers wrote?  Did they embrace, “I’m from Washington, and I’m here to help you?”

Now, reality has set in, and some are livid they won’t get a sizable refund and instead owe money to the IRS.  One person tweeted his salary and deductions have remained constant for 33 years, and he always used his $1,000 refund to take a vacation.  On April 15, he owes $3,000 more!  Teacher classroom deductions have been reduced to $200.  I urge you to find me a great teacher, who only spends $200 on class supplies.  Yet big business can now write off their multimillionaire airplanes as the cost of doing business.

The fairest and most equitable tax reform is simple.  Everyone pays the same percentage of their earnings–with no deductions.  If the percentage is set at 10%, and John makes $15,000, he owes $1,500.  If Sherry makes $1,250,000, she owes $125,000.  Of course, this will never happen, as it would render accountant jobs obsolete and eliminate the need for the over 100,000 IRS employees.

Given the continual onslaught of rhetoric and fancy spins on products and services, our nation is easily deceived.  Cynical Sue fully anticipates her accountant’s bad news.  Hopefully, she won’t have to sell the farm.




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