Feel My Pain

I certainly understand why most of you won’t give me an ounce of sympathy, for you’ve already concluded I live in Shangra-La.  Well, I do/did until this winter, when Mother Nature obliterated my winter garden with three hard freezes.

To add, insult to my loss, she kept the temperatures well below normal, yet delivered copious amounts of snow and needed rain to help with Arizona drought.  Yes, I was grateful for the rain and got over losing my spectacular garden.  I was good.  Until Thursday night, when my HVAC system crashed on the first floor of my casa.  I fired up the gas fireplace, wrapped myself in a jacket and blanket, and wrote a chapter in my sequel to Renato.  (Hopefully publishing in the fall.)

I survived the night thanks to an electric throw and six dogs on my bed.  The HVAC repairman showed up around noon on Friday.  He stopped short of pronouncing “DOA,” and jumped started the furnace.  An hour later, it died again.  His company called and my pricey install of new equipment was scheduled for Tuesday.  OK, I can survive for the next three days.

However, when I ventured out of my warm bed Saturday morning and made a trip to the toity, I nearly froze my arse off.  I donned more clothes, fur-lined boots, drank more than more than my usual one cup of coffee and lit the fireplace.  By noon, I thought I could continue my book in my tiny office.  I tried.  My hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t type.

Totally unacceptable.  I can’t waste three days sitting on the fireplace hearth, so I went in search of a space heater.  (Not an easy device to find in the desert.) Yes, I know they’re dangerous, but worth taking a risk.  Three stores later, I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Within ten minutes, my small space was warm.  Miraculous!


Arizona has shattered 122-year-old records for temperature and snow fall.  Yes, I well aware there is no such thing as global warming. Because the DC politicos have disregarded science, as fake news and have mistakingly defined the term “warm.”

Again, I know none of you feel the pain I’ve experienced.  Yet, my upstairs HVAC unit is DOA too.  I may be in the poor house before this madness is over.

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