The Calling


Please know this is not about the random calls I receive from either the IRS, not the federal government about going to jail if I fail to return the call. On a more esoteric level, it’s about “a calling.”

A colleague and friend of mine is a Mormon, and she’s always talking about someone “being called” as a bishop or stake president.  Common terminology found from Catholics to Presbyterians.  Common terminology found in the health professions.  For me, it took years to discover I had been “called.”

Since my parents financed my college education, they expected me to get a job at graduation.  Me? I was an English major, lolling about reading, discussing, and writing. I planned on writing the great American novel, until the reality of graduation drew closer.  So, I took enough really stupid education courses–yes in the late 60’s I learned how to thread a huge movie projector, operate a sinister, purple mimeograph machine, and decorate a bulletin board.  The first time I stood in front of a class was Spring Semester of my senior year–student teaching.  Thankfully, I had an encouraging cooperating teacher, and I found the gig moderately entertaining.  At the conclusion of my student-teaching, my cooperating teacher said, “You must teach; you have the gift.” Really?  Teaching is a gift? There must be another job that’s more lucrative and fun.

Forty-nine years ago, I landed my first teaching job, and within three months, I was hooked! I was called. And 49 years later, I still occasionally teach and continue my service on a large suburban, school board.

In a few weeks, the 2019-2020 school year will begin.  Rest assured, your children and/or grandchildren will encounter a vast majority of those of us, whom have been called to lead our future to their success.  I assure you your children are in good hands.


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