Mothers Against Cages



Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the incarceration of children.  Some of you wrote: “Have them come here legally.”  Really?  When the Von Trapps chose to flee Austria, did they leave their children behind?  The children had NO choice but to follow their parents or to survive alone on the street. (I urge your advice as to what two or three-year-old can survive on the street. Mine certainly would have been unable.)

Secondly, most Americans have ancestors whom didn’t enter our country “legally.”  Federal laws were eventually enacted, but many of the laws were state laws, eg. Ellis Island enrollment.  Certainly, the native Americans didn’t require the Pilgrims to establish proof of citizenship.  And if you’re still not convinced, take the 23andMe saliva test;  doubtful, your ancestry is not American.

Yes, it’s been three weeks since my last blog on children in cages.  Nothing has changed.  As a humanitarian, I fully realize there’s nothing I can do but vote and air my voice.  So, I ordered 500 business card-size magnets, which I wear proudly on the back of my cars.  I hand them out to others, whom are as appalled as me.  If you’d like some, private message me.  They’re free.  Join me in doing the right thing.





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