All I Want for Christmas


Thanks to my dentist brother, I no longer need my two front teeth.  Mine are porcelain and hopefully will last until the day I depart.  No, I not going to comment on the current political climate.  After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Who wants to engage in that drama?

I want All children to have:


  • A bed, clean clothes, and enough to eat
  • A free, public education of quality and opportunity
  • Access to higher education, whether it be career tech or university
  • To be judged by the content of their character, not their color, language, nor disability
  • To live without fear


Now if that’s not enough, my personal Santa list is:

  • Nothing I can’t wear, use, nor eat.  I’m in no need of dust collectors.  In fact, a case of paper towels or toilet paper would be great, as would a Christmas card or a phone call. (Please no fruitcake.)
  • For all of my friends and family to make a charitable donation to those in need.  Be creative: animal shelters greatly appreciate your ragged towels and blankets; donate your unused canned goods to a food bank; give a beggar a McDonald’s gift card.  Donate used books, toys, clothing, etc. to a shelter.  Every public school in America is in need of something–pencils, paper, crayons, books.  Figure it out.
  • Remember our animal friends.  Feed the birds, adopt a puppy, kitten, or a goldfish.
  • Spread the spirit.  You don’t have to be a millionaire to help those less fortunate.

As I was driving home today, the radio DJ said: I LOVE this time of year because people are so kind and nice. May you embrace the most wonderful time of the year.









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