No Room at the Inn and a Guinea Pig

Earlier this week, my sister was sitting on her patio, when what to her wonderous eyes would appear, but…a guinea pig! Given we were raised to be kind to all living creatures, she immediately scooped up the very tame invader.  Made it a safe haven in a large, plastic storage box, went to the store and bought it food, and posted on all of the neighborhood websites.  No one contacted her. Another 24 hours passed.


It was obvious either the guinea pig had escaped, or someone just let her go.  Another day passed.  Then my sister posted a free, to good home only ad on a neighborhood website.  Within an hour, she was contacted, and Miss Piggy went to swank new home replete with every rodent amenity.

For some reason this event danced in my mind.  I do not accept the Bible literally; I believe it to be a compilations of stories written over 500 years after the birth of Jesus.  These stories were designed to teach us morals…like Aesop’s fables.  Thus when St. Luke writes: there was no room at the inn for Joseph and his pregnant wife,  the lesson was really?  There’s always room for more.  More guests at the dinner table, more dogs to adopt, more children to be loved.

Certainly, my sister could have shooed the piggy away, but her morality forbade it.  May we all embrace the spirit, instead of:




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