Mayonnaisse and Me

Fifty-four years ago, my family hosted a foreign exchange student from Tokyo.  During her stay, Toko and I occasionally engaged in shenanigans and foolishness.  Surprisingly, after all these years, she still likes me and comes to Phoenix every couple of years to visit.

Sometimes, when she comes, we go to Houston to see “our” mom, and we shop.  Fortunately, this time, she didn’t need a case of garlic salt or Hershey’s chocolate syrup–just random spontaneous things, like suede boots and a certain color blouse.  Last week, she bought a number of items online, and my front door, stacked with boxes, looked like Christmas.

We were in the grocery, and she wandered off in search of mayo.  While it may be purchased in Japan, it’s only in quart jars.  She wanted a little jar.  We scoured the shelves.  “Yes, Miracle Whip and Real Mayonnaisse!”  Mission accomplished, until…

Houston.  I’d told her folk in the South prefer Duke’s–not available in Arizona.  My Texan sister let her try Duke’s and back to the store we went for Duke’s.  Alas! Quart jars only.  To say Toko was disappointed was an understatement.  Until…


Amazon.  Fifty, individual packets of the coveted Duke’s arrive at my casa tomorrow.  Now, I don’t know who flies around the world to buy mayo, except my Japanese sister.  I asked her this evening, “What are you going to do with all this mayo?”

“Sue, I’m going to throw a mayo-tasting party when I get home!”

Hmm.  Perhaps, she’ll start her trendy party will go viral.

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