If not You?

I was struggling about what to write today, when one of my former graduate students sent me this:


For a number of years, I taught in Master’s of Educational Leadership program.  My students were largely teachers who wanted to be principals and superintendents.  They were very adept at pointing out problems, as well as their fingers at everything that was wrong in their schools.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t heard most of it before, but they were often stumped when I posed:  So what are you doing about it?

Their blank faces screamed–ME?  Why me?  It’s the principal, it’s the students, it’s the school board, it’s the legislature.

Believe me, we had innumerable lively discussions.  Certainly, for many it was easier to complain than to seek solutions.

In contrast, I was an active member of a school-district-wide parent organization.  We railed there were no parents on the school board, so I decided to run in November 2000.  Change was begun.  Finally, parents were afforded an equal seat at the proverbial table.

As we campaigned for maintenance-operations overrides and bond issues, it was appalling the number of teachers and parents who didn’t vote.  (Usually less than 40%.). Further, thousands weren’t even registered to vote!

So my friends, please don’t come crying to me about your issues with schools, institutions, government, and/or red tape.  ONLY YOU can make a difference.


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