Significant Life Events



We’ve all had those events which caused us to pause, like the birth of a child, grandchild, marriage etc.  For me, the older I got,  the more significant events became.  Four of my five tattoos commemorate unforgettable moments:  a dog paw peace symbol, a broken heart, EDS (in Greek) for my first book English Doesn’t Suck, and It’s Only Carpet, the book I wrote after my youngest’s bout with cancer.

As many of you know, I recently had a serious life event–the kind that anchored me in my mortality.  But all the tattoo parlors were closed (and still are.) Still, I had to think of something to further record this event, and no, I wasn’t going to be Betty Boop. I found it, though, First on Amazon Prime in an original movie: Blow the Man Down and secondly, in a trendy online store.


A most fashionable lady’s cane with a brass knob.  Even though, I’m capable of walking without a cane, walker, or crutches, the cane makes an elegant statement.  It also is very handy when it comes to retrieving lost dog toys from under the sofa.  And it certainly was very useful to the madame in  Blow the Man Down.


Unfortunately, COVID has dictated I remain at home, but rest assured I’m practicing strutting myself ala Bat Masterson.  When it’s safe to leave home again, I’ll be ambulating in style.




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