Meet Betsy DeVos: At the Front Line in a Crisis


Of course, we are living with uncertainty.  COVID-19 closed public schools in mid-March to”flatten the curve” of the virus and save lives.  Teachers were given short notice to develop online lessons to continue student learning, to make sure students could advance to the next grade, to ensure high school seniors would earn enough credits and/or the appropriate GPA to earn college scholarships.

It was a brave new world. Our teachers were charged with delivering instruction to many who had no computers, laptops, nor internet access.  In fact, many teachers had no internet access in their homes–not a necessity on a teacher’s salary.


Enter Betsy, Secretary of Education, who was graced with millions from the federal government to promote distance learning during this upheaval.  Remember, wealthy, entitled Betsy, who attended private schools, knew exactly how to allocate her windfall. “Yes, I used the money to advance charter and private schools.”

For me, (a dog lover,) her most ludicrous federal donation was $472,850 to Bergin University of Canine Studies, attended by 32 students.  Hmm $14,776 per student.  Bonnie Bergin defended her windfall, “I think we are one of the most important educational institutions out there right now.”

And so, to all my retired and current teaching friends, I ask does Betsy or Bonnie have a clue about our children? Our future?  Will Bonnie’s dogs be able to fix my leaky toilet, cut my hair, or diagnose my illness?


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