That’s Jenky

Over forty-five years ago, I had several dates with an up-and-coming assistant prosecuting attorney. The dates abruptly ended when he said, “I know you’re an English major and a high school principal, but I find your slang appalling.”

Appalling? Never argue with a fool. Yet, he was right; I interacted with teenagers, and their vocabulary slipped into mine. Certainly, I could pontificate in big words, which would have been lost on them. But when I declared, “You are a dirt bag. You need to clean up your act, do your work, and stop being a doofus,” they understood.

When my kids went to middle and high school, their terminology was foreign to me, and frequently, I’d make them explain. What are “cool beans” or “jiggy?”

My next door neighbor is British, and I often ask her “What does that mean?” Now, I find myself explaining my recent malady as the “squits.” (Apt description for diarrhea, right?) I tell my kids to “bugger off,” and say my dogs run “hell over teakettle.”

This week, I texted my youngest, who was suffering from allergies, to inquire on her health. Her reply Meh. Damn. What does meh mean? I showed a teenager an overtly amusing t-shirt I bought. Her reply: that’s jenky. Jenky?

All of this made me realize how out of touch I am. It’s true; I am old and clueless. I can’t carry on a great conversation with the younger folk. Thus, as I recover from a serious case of the squits following my gluttony with green bean casserole on Turkey day, I surfed the internet for slang, hip, terms. If you want to get with it, may I suggest you familiarize yourself with these: GOAT, jenky, extra, snatched, periodt, Gucci, wig, salty, tea, dime, and fire.

It’s never too late too teach an old dog the proverbial, ever-changing vernacular! Message me, if you understand the word meme. Yes, I know a meme when I see one, but I wonder why it’s called meme. Thanks, S

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