The Bane of Plastic Bags

While I strive to be ecology-conscious, I am forced to use plastic bags in the produce section of the grocery store. Admittedly, I can’t be bothered recycling them, as they are forbidden in my city recycling receptacle. Thus they meet their fate in the garbage can. I save the large, plastic grocery bags to pick up dog poop, to gift oranges and grapefruit, to tote cans and staples to the local food bank.

I never thought much about the produce bags until…COVID. I’d tear one off the reel above the recently-doused celery, and I couldn’t open the bag. Pre-COVID I’d lick two fingers and magically it would open. Now, I tear off three or four bags and wrap the damn celery! My only solution is to buy one hundred paper lunch bags and carry a few in my purse when I’m in need of celery, onions, or carrots. But I guess I’ll just write:

Dear Santa:

I’ve been good–a loose term. Kind of, rather, sometimes. I tested negative for COVID earlier this week. I haven’t eaten in a restaurant, done any non-essential shopping, flown on an airplane, nor been to the casino. But please solve the plastic bag issue in the produce section, before I lose my mind. And if it’s not too much to ask, bring on the vaccine. I stand first in line!

Warmest regards, Sue

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