A Decade of a Year

As a child, a year seemed to last forever. I didn’t like the long stretch from January until June, and even though September to Christmas was shorter, I thought Santa would never come. The older I got, the days passed swiftly. I’d be amazed when I checked the calendar to find June had suddenly slid into July. “My God,” I’d marvel, “Is Thanksgiving next week? I haven’t even ordered my Christmas cards! I haven’t bought one Christmas present.”

However, this year time stood still. My Ferrari morphed into a turtle. My calendar practically went into hibernation. Hours in the day moved sluggishly. “Is it time to eat yet?” I tried to read, to work a crossword, to mow the lawn, to write, but nothing would hasten the hands of the clock. My motivation had disappeared. Certainly COVID played a substantial role, but unsettled politics and the endless presidential election contributed. My dance with death and my school board business also served to suspend the clock.

Finally, in less than a week it will be Christmas and then 2021! Two COVID vaccines will become available to we non-essential folk. I will be able to travel again and perhaps, eat in my favorite Mexican restaurant. And maybe, just maybe, the Skidmore casa can again throw parties to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas, 2021.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. I’ll blog again January 3rd.

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