Bad vs. Good

Last week I shared a story about my battle with roosting pigeons, whom were defecating everywhere on my patio. The plastic spikes did nothing to deter these masochists from moving in, and so I ordered tacky mirrored, baubly discs which swung in the air. They were guaranteed to drive out the poopers. Wrong! In fact, the pigeons seem to enjoy preening themselves in the mirror, while eliminating their bowels. So don’t waste your money on that product.

In contrast, I discovered the most wonderful product:

When I had an extended stay in the hospital last spring, I ordered one of these from the menu. OMG, Sandy was correct; this is the MOST amazing chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten! However, once I was released from medical supervision, I forgot about Sandy’s creation. Then, last month my heart decided to send me back to the hospital, where I rediscovered this delectable. And this time, I took a picture, so I’d remember. Two weeks later, Christmas rapidly approached. But I was ambivalent, if not indifferent, about my favorite holiday. I’d baked no cookies, nor made any candy. My Christmas shopping was reduced to stuffing checks in Christmas cards. Why bother? COVID had ruined my celebration. It would be just the dogs and me feasting on a grilled cheese.

Then I remembered Sandy. Hmm. Where could I buy her cookies? I could phone the food service at the hospital, but I’m sure they have more important things to do than talk to me. Where else? Duh. AMAZON! I fired up my computer, and there they were! But…48 cookies minimum at $2.50 each. My devil voice echoed in my head, “Go ahead, Sue. After all, it’s Christmas.” Now, I don’t know what happened to all four dozen amazing cookies, but by January 2nd, they were gone. By January 6th, I was craving one. Again, I don’t know what happened; I wasn’t drunk shopping. Yet, two cases of cookies arrived at my front door this week. Fortunately, my freezer accommodated one, and the second one? Well, it’s a work in progress.

Surprise your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. I guarantee he/she will be amazed!

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