Common Courtesy and COVID

Long before the terms COVID, pandemic, social distancing, or mask mandates, etiquette was slowly disappearing from our vocabulary. Now, I’m no Miss Manners or Emily Post, but I was taught decorum. I learned at an early age to say please and thank you an an occasional sorry. I labored over thank-you notes, and I didn’t spit on the sidewalk. I didn’t mock nor ridicule a disabled person, nor did I light a cigarette in church.

However, over the last ten years, manners have gradually evaporated. Our society has okayed, give me a Coke, or go home you filthy wetback. The days of receiving thanks for a gift have vanished, as have requests for a phone call return or a response (RSVP) to an invitation. (God forbid if the party invitation includes BYOB or an appetizer to share–Good Luck with that.)

Yet, in comparison, these examples are somewhat tolerable today. Granted the COVID shit show has been fueled with denial and misinformation. Science was dismissed to save the economy. Hoax? Shall 400,000 dead have that etched on their monuments? No federal plan to vaccinate folk–let the states decide. Just keep the economy going and open the schools. Kids aren’t going to die. Teachers may, but anybody can teach.

Finally, vaccines are available. Though as scarce as toilet paper in many areas of the country, hope is on the horizon. Even though vaccinations sluggishly begin, even though there is no master plan, even though demand far outweighs supply, there is hope. Until… common decency and etiquette disappear.

Unless one has been living under a rock, it’s well-known the vaccine is fragile, i.e. it has a short shelf life. Imagine my anger as a senior with health issues trying to score a coveted appointment for dose one and learn, 380 scheduled appointments were NO SHOWS at a local site yesterday. Are you as livid as me?

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