Random Shortages

While I fully realize the shortage dilemma, due to ships stranded along ports without docker workers to unload their cargo, there are some things I don’t understand. For example, yesterday I was in a large major chain grocery, and there was only spaghetti pasta. No noodles, no rigatoni, no macaroni, no shells. Further, there was not one pound of hamburger, nor Italian sausage links.

Today, I ventured to my ‘hood small grocery, where the Gatorade shelf has been vacant for over a month, as well as some bottled juice shelving. Further the packaged cheese choice was limited to mozzarella and American. Even certain brands of beer were missing from the cooler. Suffice it to say, cleaning products, paper towels, toilet tissue, and dog food are scarce commodities.

Now, I can only surmise these shortages are due to lack of employees from canneries, to factories, to truck drivers. It seems almost all institutions have staff shortages, i.e. schools, hospitals, retail, and even volunteer programs. Except for one….

Politicians. I swear they multiply every night! Why is that?

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