You Can’t Teach That!

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.” Wise words from Thomas Jefferson.

As I watch from the sidelines the attack of public school curriculum, I can only conclude America is awash with ignorance. In Oklahoma this week, a parent requested the school district drop Biology courses for the subject is immoral. American history courses are being cleansed of references to race and the Holocaust. Archived pictures of victims of Auschwitz have been removed as too graphic for teenage-eyes. Revered classic literature has been banned from reading lists and school libraries. Even though, the Supreme Court ruled in 1982 in Islands Trees School District v Pico that removal of books from libraries violates the First Amendment. (One would think an attorney educated at Harvard Law, Ted Cruz, would indeed know that prior to today’s rampage!)

But the most ludicrous example of how far this has gone occurred at Perry High School in Chandler, Arizona, this week. A culinary arts teacher had to notify parents about her upcoming lesson on the anatomy of poultry because she was going to discuss the breast bone and breast of poultry. Board policy requires such notification if any sexual terms are going to be used, and parents can opt their children out of class during the discussion. (I’m not kidding; this is true.)

I’m aghast that any parent whose child has access to TV, video games, the internet, and/or cell phones, would think their kid does not possess adult knowledge. My Lord, our former POTUS talked about pussy on national TV! And who can forget his mockery of a disabled man? Children know the difference between a chicken leg and a chicken breast. Tik Tok and other social media are their favorite sources of sexual information. Books are not the problem; your naivete is! And by the way, a book didn’t kill kids at Columbine or Sandy Hook.

I’ve listened to the ridiculous arguments about returning to the three R’s–reading, writing, and rithmetic. But what will our kids read and write about? Dick and Jane? Spot and Puff? And rithmetic will have to simply be basic operations, for God forbid, math teachers would teach high-brow inquiry that requires highly developed reasoning in these Stepford children.

Sadly, these clueless parents have been indoctrinated with wing-nut notions, which can only result in raising another generation of stupidity. Their children will not be equipped with essential knowledge to compete at the college level or in American industry. About the time their child tells a university prof, he/she can’t read that novel, study this philosophy, dissect the cadaver, or research the atrocities of Mendel’s experiments, the professor will remind the student to “do it or drop the class.”

I suspect America is on a more sinister path constructed by powerful, conniving thieves. Morons can be manipulated through empty promises. The rich will get richer, and the poor will be grateful for the scraps. God help the unsuspecting fool who orders Rocky Mountain Oysters.

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