“April Is the Cruelest Month”

One hundred years ago, T.S. Eliot, declared in his poem, “The Wasteland” April was the cruelest. OMG! I, so agree! As I perused the weather news this week various parts of the US are still experiencing snow clinging to budded trees. Mother Nature continues to tempt with daffodils and crocuses only to roar back with Santa Claus delivering Easter baskets.

April, for me, brings nothing but painful memories and worries. My first mistake was finalizing my divorce on April 1, which at the time, I found humorous. However, in retrospect, the joke was on me! In April, all of my insurance bills are due as well as my taxes. Ye Gods, I’ve written so many checks my hand hurts, not to mention my bank account. Further, two years ago in April, I also had my dance with death during the pandemic.

I fully realize many of you who have April birthdays adore April, and I wish you many years of celebration and happiness. And by the way, the last word of “The Wasteland” is Shantih, which means peace in Sanskrit. Hopefully, April will, indeed, bring us peace and May flowers.

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