Email Blitzkrieg

In my naivete, I thought the amount of my daily emails would decrease ten-fold once I left the school board. However, every day I’m bombarded with almost 200! Granted they’re not the angry ones I used to receive, they are primarily the results of online shopping and my internet searches. (And folk were worried that Corona vaccines injected tracers in their bodies! Hell their cell phones and computer devices know all there is to know!)

However, recently, I’ve received hundreds of emails about my recent job application. What? First and foremost, I did not apply for a job! I am not looking for a job; I get roped into enough volunteer ones. I do not want the time constraints that come with a job. At 6:00 this morning, I received this: We are working on a select number analyst and manager roles, and after reviewing your information and qualifications, I thought I should reach our to you. Please take a look at the attached list, and let me know if you would like to have your resume included in the upcoming interviews.

Impossible! This job search company, American Job Board, received no application and no resume from me. If they had my resume, they would never ask me to apply for analyst job; math and I are not friends. Finally, I’ve spent my entire professional career in some form of public education, currently a vilified profession, where parents and politicians know more about student achievement and success than a classroom teacher.

Until now, I’ve just deleted these intrusive emails. I’m afraid to respond to them, lest they will continue cramming my in box. But Johnny Paycheck was right: Take this job and shove it.

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