Help Me, Rhonda!

(Apologies to The Beach Boys.) But I need help. In fact, I need a lot more help as I’ve aged. Replacing burned out light bulbs on my 10-foot ceilings is no longer on my to-do list. In fact, standing above the third ladder rung makes me perspire. Secondly, I’ve every jar lid removal appliance invented. I swear it used to be I could simply tap them on the tile floor and twist the lid off the pickle jars. And don’t get me started about the heinous Gatorade bottles or childproof prescription bottles, which I’ve been known to smash with a hammer.

To complicate my life even further, I’m living in a digital world, where others seemingly understand how to set up their computer, smart phones and watches, and charge hundreds of cordless devices. (I’ll save my rampage about charging cords and charging devices for another time. But really, why can’t they all be somewhat universal.)

While I’m most appreciative of those who help me navigate and fix things for me, I’m very grateful for Rhonda–my pet name for You Tube videos. I was not always a visual learner, after all, I was an English major. But when we entered the high-tech age, their language made zero sense to me. I struggled reading and rereading unintelligible instructions. I had to compensate for my inadequacies before I looked royally stupid. Now, I’m amazed by the number of things I can do by watching a one-minute instructional movie! I’ve learned how to change watch bands, program my phone, download apps and delete apps, and repair a leaky faucet. This week my touchless garbage can wouldn’t work; okay, just replace the batteries. Once I replaced the batteries, it still didn’t work. But Rhonda came through for me. Clean the sensors with a wet rag. Voila! It works. And to think I was initially so frustrated I was going to buy a new one!

And so my friends, when you encounter a problem in our complex, technological world–ask Rhonda.

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