“Two Beers and a Puppy”

Earlier this week I stumbled on an excerpt from Ross McCammon’s book: Works Well with Others: An Outsider’s Guide to Shaking Hands, Shutting up, Handling Jerks and Other Crucial Skills in Business that No one Ever Teaches You. Billed as a helpful test in determining one’s feelings about another, one can determine by asking two questions: Would I have two beers with this person? Would I have this person babysit my puppy for the weekend?

Perhaps, it’s such a simple test it seems ludicrous. But think about it. Two “nos,” and move on. Yes, to beer; no to puppies. This person may be fun and entertaining but lacks maturity or responsibility–and thus, trust to care for an innocent dog. Also, beware of anyone, regardless of their beer choice who doesn’t like animals. In contrast, no to beer, yes to dog sitting. These folk aren’t conversational gurus, nor amusing, but puppies and kittens are enamored by their quality of attentiveness. Good people–not the lives of the party.

Two yeses equals the jackpot! Thankfully, throughout my life for the most part, I’ve surrounded myself with 2 Y’s, who have so enriched me. Some of them have been colleagues, some were employees, some were just random folk I encountered along the way.

Since I initially read this and assessed all my past and present relationships, I realize now mistakes I’ve made. I’ve trusted when I shouldn’t have, I misjudged in my naivete, and I’ve overreacted. Yet, I’m intrigued by the simplicity of McCammon’s test. This Dr. Suze, old dog has learned a new trick.

Damn! I may have just given you direct insight into my persona. If I don’t invite you to happy hour or ask you to dog sit….

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