The Mystery of the Missing Blender

(I was going to blog today about the new assault rifle being sold to civilians, which is not only twice as powerful as the AR-15, but it capable of shooting through bulletproof vests. The horror of that makes me nauseous and causes me great fear for America. I believe we’ve lost both our moral compass and our minds.)

Let me assure you, I’m no Jack Reacher, nor Nancy Drew. But yesterday, I was making a fruit dessert and went to use my blender. I set the glass container on the counter and filled it with a variety of pineapple, mandarin oranges, and cherries. I opened the pantry to retrieve the bottom motorized part, and spent the next twenty minutes searching for it–to NO avail. Due to the loss of time, I was forced to adapt. This morning, I took the entire pantry apart. Of course, I discovered a lot of items I didn’t know I had. I rearranged everything and threw stuff away. (Who really saves a half-eaten small bag of chips from a holiday party?)

Regrettably, the blender bottom remains MIA. I’ve no idea when I last used it–maybe a few months ago or maybe a year ago. I was about to put the glass container in the donation box, but I knew if I did, I would eventually find the missing piece. Thus, I just shoved it back in the pantry to gather dust. If and when the occasion calls for a blender, I’ll throw another tantrum when I can’t find the bottom. I have NOT lost my moral compass, but I have, indeed, lost my mind!

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