Where Is It?

Perhaps, you recall my tale of lost luggage a month or so ago and my missing blender bottom last week. My luggage was eventually found; my blender, not. One of my longtime friends called me the other day to tell me about a simple device for luggage. While I rarely advocate for a commercial product, this one may be a keeper.

For under $28, the Apple Tag tracks your luggage. It’s a small disc you place in your suitcase, which enables you to track your bag(s) on your other Apple devices. After my last frustrating adventure in the new world of COVID travel, I will not leave home again without one. I do wish this simple device would have been available years ago; I could have used it to track my kids and their boyfriends!

You may be delighted to learn I haven’t misplaced anything this week. Just don’t ask me how long it took for me to find my sunglasses today…I was wearing them.

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