What About Us?

Since most of the elections are over (except in Arizona), the posturing of those elected has begun. Many breathed a long sigh of relief from the multitudes of disparaging TV ads and the constant political rhetoric. We looked forward to a period of contentment before it begins again in 2024. We were hopeful a spirit of cooperation would be the norm, and that politicians would strive to work together for the good of America and her citizens.

Contrary to our hope, the elected wasted no time to pledge retaliation, the removal of all opposing party members from legislative committees, and the continued destruction of states’ rights. Climate change issues, the January 6 investigation, and tax cuts for the poor and middle class are no longer priorities. Medicare and Social Security maintenance is threatened. Why?

I believe most folks aren’t jazzed about confrontation; we want to get along with our friends, family, and our neighbors. We want to work together in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation to resolve our issues and/or differences. And further, we are miffed by the jockeying and ‘good ole boy’ business as usual. Recording Star, Pink’s lyrics sum up our current situation:

We are problems that want to be solved. We are children that need to be loved. We were willing….

What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken ever afters?

What about all the times that ended in disaster?

What about us?

And so, I ask from about us? What about the USA?

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