First Day of (Puppy) School

My mini Bernese Doodle, Annabel, and I went to puppy school yesterday for our first class. My normally gregarious and energetic baby was reduced to a quivering mess. She and I couldn’t participate in the teaching of sit because she refused to stand; she just sat and stared at the other three rambunctious labs.

Of course, I was a bit embarrassed by her behavior, but then I recalled my own fears when I walked into new situations. Particularly, junior high school. I’d come from being a top dog sixth grader into a foreign world of sophisticated ninth graders. I was intimidated by their dress, style, and sophistication. During passing period I frequently managed to get bumped in the hallways or jostled in the cafeteria lines.

After a day or two of the cafeteria, I decided to take my lunch. I looked around the seemingly vast room, and seeing no one I knew, I sat down at a long table by myself. I was about halfway through my brown bag when she sat down. Oh ye gods, I was horrified! The most frighening girl in the ninth grade sat down next to me! Not even across from me, but next to me, sat Sally Sargent. Dressed in a white blouse and skirt complete with nylons and white tennis shoes, she began to eat cafeteria mystery meat.

I felt the perspiration spring across my forehead and was nauseated. I’d heard stories about Bullets–that’s what the boys called her. (I’m sure you understand why.) For some unknown reason, I reached into my lunch bag a pulled out a cherry tomato, but instead of popping the whole thing in my mouth, I bit into the middle. Much to my horror hundreds of seeds shot sideways all over Sally’s white skirt! Oh no, I’m about to be beat up by Bullets right now. I’m dead. But Sally was much too busy fawning over some guy who just sat down across from her. I snatched up my lunch and fled.

I had a talk with Annabel last night and told her this story. Hopefully, next week she’ll be able stand and sit on command. To be continued….

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