The 51st State?

Some years ago, I posited the need for a 51st State, and it seemingly sparked to interest.  Allow me, to begin with a history lesson.  Look closely at this 1824 map.  Yes, Mexico owned all of this land, and through wars and treaties part of it became US states.


To me, it makes cogent sense to offer Mexico the opportunity to be the 51st state for the following reasons:

  • It is rich with natural resources.
  • It has numerous ports, where goods could be easily transported in and out.
  • Its vast coastal line and beaches are beautiful.  A tourism Mecca!
  • The average Mexican is extremely motivated with outstanding work ethics.
  • To the average Mexican, family is everything.

Of course, Mexico is fraught with corruption.  Its government preys on its people.  Minimum daily wages are deplorable. Drug cartels are the true rulers. Its public school system is abysmal.

Yes, my idea is fraught with problems, but what if:

  • We sent in the National Guard to eradicate the cartel stronghold?
  • We guaranteed democratic elections and ousted the corruptive forces in power?
  • We trained and monitored their police force?
  • We guaranteed minimum wages?
  • We improved health care?
  • We established free public education for K-12?
  • We taxed them accordingly?

Then there would be no need for billions of dollar walls.  The American way would permit the vast majority to no longer live in abject poverty and to no longer pay monthly protection money to the cartels and/or corrupt law enforcement.

Of course, this could not happen without civil discourse and negotiation.  Yet, in my naivete, it seems to be a discussion worth having.  In fact, with the gorgeous Sea of Cortez only 4 hours from my casa, I’d be first in line to buy a condo in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point.)

Perhaps, my simplistic idea is absurd.  We’d probably screw it up by trashing their culture, their heritage, and their language.  Yet, throughout America, Little Italy, Chinatown, etc. exist.  There’s no reason to decimate culture and language.  If they want to remain bilingual as the Navajo or Hopi nations, fine with me.

If you find my idea somewhat rational, write your congressional representative and senators.  Thank you.

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