Mothers Against Cages: WWJD?

I struggle with this question several times a day. I look at my dogs, whom are well-fed, taken regularly to the groomer and the vet, and have a free rein of my house. Yes, they even sleep in my king-size bed every night. But my moral compass is consumed by the migrant children living in squalor, incarcerated by our government.


Many of these children are under six-years-old.  They didn’t ask to be brought here. They were stripped away from their parents, and no one thought to identify their parentage.  “Non-profit” companies, (yes, I use that term loosely) are being paid $700 a day, per child to care for them.  Really?  Sleeping on concrete floors, denied outside recreation time, denied health care, soap, and toothbrushes.  Locked in cages!

Further, morally-driven humanitarian groups have brought supplies, such as toothbrushes, diapers, blankets, etc. only to be turned away by these “non-profits.” Wayfair donated mattresses–refused.  The New York Times editorial Saturday labeled this situation: A Mass Atrocity. An atrocity, not only for these children, but for all of us.

As I said earlier this week, I would welcome the opportunity to foster four or five of these children.  I’m willing to retrieve them, care for them, educate them, feed and clothe them until they can be reunited with their families.  All for free! I would never take that filthy, unconscionable $700 per day.  Damn!  If I took five kids for one month that equates to over $100,000 in 30 days! Our money, lest we forget.

Frankly, I’m nauseated by our Congress, the bully, and the holier than thou Vice President, who do nothing to end this madness.  My America is far better than this; my America would not sit back; my America would rise to the occasion.

Yes, I’m a mom. Yes, I taught Sunday school for 10 or so years, and yes, I taught each of my classes to sing:  Jesus loved the little children. All God’s children of the world. Red, and yellow, back, and white. They are precious in His sight.


Despicable.  WWJD?








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