I’m Back

Happy 2020!  I had to planned to take a vacation from blogging during the holidays, and unfortunately spent much of it ill with a runny nose, cough, and lethargy,  However, now I’m ready to write some silly stuff again.

As many of you know I had a delightful winter garden, my zucchini, beans, and tomato plants were in full bloom.  I went to Texas to see my mom for three days, and when I returned…a frost had put an end to my would-be garden.  Curiously, all that survived were broccoli and copious amounts of weeds.  Of course, broccoli can survive a frost, but weeds?  They seemed to relish the cold weather.  Why?  I don’t know.


On an entirely different note, have you noticed “what goes around, comes around”? Certainly, we see that in fashion trends and hair styles, but there’s an age old trend raging now.  I remember when I was a child, the milkman, mail man, and newspaper carrier delivered to our door step.  Once in a while, the big yellow truck would show up at our door selling tin cans of potato chips and a variety of ice creams.  Though some things were purchased from catalog stores, the vast majority were purchased through in-store shopping.

It seems “home delivery” has exploded!  Busy families have little time to wander the grocery store aisles for commodities.  Order on-line, delivered to the front door.  Not only groceries, but dry cleaning, prescription drugs, fast food restaurants, the list is endless.  On-line shopping further has expanded to clothing, cars, dog food, and practically anything anyone could ever want.  No doubt; I’m a fan of convenience shopping, except for the grocery store.  Indeed, I’m a grocery store addict. I squeeze the Charmin, I thump the watermelon, I inspect the steaks and the fish, and I always manage to add more to my cart than originally intended.


I hope I never get so busy or so infirm I can’t go to the grocery store. How will I be able to peruse the rag newspapers at the checkout?  Aliens? Stars on their death beds? Divorce rumors? Killers?

Happy New Year!

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